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Carpet Beetle

• The carpet beetle is 2-4mm long and is mottled brown, grey and cream
• The adult carpet beetle lays its eggs in fabric or fluff in buildings and old bird’s nests
• It is the larvae of the carpet beetle (known as woolly bears) that feed on feathers, hair, fur and wool and cause the damage to carpets and most natural fibres in the home
• The adult carpet beetle feeds on pollen and nectar of flowers
• The larvae are about 4mm long and are covered in brown hairs and are sometimes found in airing cupboards where they have wandered along pipes from roofs in search of food (typically clothes and blankets and carpets).
• Carpet beetle larvae damage is evident in round holes appearing along the seams of fabric where the grubs bite through the thread.
• The first signs of a carpet beetle infestation may be cast skins left by the larvae as they shed their skin


Insecticide spray treatment applied to all infested areas including crevices, under carpets and where fluff may collect. The residual insecticide is needed to kill off the larvae (woolly bears).
To prevent further infestation, it is best to check loft areas and remove any bird nests and regularly vacuum fluff and debris from carpets, floorboards, shelves and upholstery.