Q: Is there anything that we have to do in preparation for your spray treatments?
A: If the insecticide treatment is floor level for moth, fleas or carpet beetle, we recommend that all floor areas are thoroughly vacuumed and any small items or children’s toys picked up and cleared from under beds. If the treatment is for bed bugs, then the beds will need to be stripped and bed side drawers will need to be emptied.

Q: Can you clear a mice infestation in my home without harming my pets or children?
A: Yes. We would install rodenticide baits into the loft, under kitchen units and anywhere else safe to do so. We would not place any products where your pets or children could come into contact with them

Q: I am finding large wasps in my home; I think I may have a wasp nest.
A: If large wasps are found in the house from November to March, they will be queen wasps awakening from hibernation. This time of year is a little too early for an actual wasp nest and any nest seen will be an old one from a previous year and is never used again. The odd wasp can be sprayed with a fly killer aerosol bought from the local store.

Q: Our cats only stay downstairs; will it be cheaper to treat fleas on the ground floor only?
A: To solve your flea problem we will need to spray the whole of the property. Although the cats do not go upstairs, you could unknowingly carry fleas upstairs on your clothing. We can only give a guarantee if we spray the whole property.

Q: We need pigeon netting installed on a construction site; does your staff have the necessary training?
A: Yes. All our staff are trained and qualified with Powered Access Licences, PASMA cards and are CSCS qualified.

Q: Can you provide your visits at a time to suit my diary?
A: Yes. We try to have an appointment window of approximately two hours, but we work around the clients arrangements as best as we can.