Rat Problems Essex

rat problems essex



Winter 2021 / 2022 has been an unusually busy year for us for rat problems. Whether it’s due to the mild weather or another cause is hard to say but all of our technicians have reported an increase in rat activity over previous winters. The species of rat we commonly see is the brown rat, and these naturally live underground. For this reason it’s most common for brown rats to enter a property at or below ground level, frequently via faults with the drains. Once inside the building the rats will follow pipework and appear in lofts, under baths and kitchen units.


The pictures are from a recent job where our technician removed the bath panel and found rats droppings under the bath. The most common way rat problems are reported to us is as night-time noises in the loft or wall cavities.


If you are being trouble by unexplained noises coming from the loft or walls, contact St George’s Pest Control for free advice and a quote.



rat problems essex

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