Cockroach Control Essex

Cockroach Control Essex



German cockroaches are a pest of heated buildings and can spread quickly in the right conditions. they are often found in kitchens and heating systems and can carry and spread a number of human diseases as they feed on refuse and then walk across food preparation areas. Cockroaches are one of the species of insects, that like Bedbugs, do not go through a larval stage. This means when they hatch out the young cockroaches look like miniature adults.

As they grow the cockroaches have to shed their skins and German cockroaches will do this between 5 and seven times before they reach adult size, which can take between two and six months. The pictures show an adult and juvenile German cockroach feeding on a cockroach bait applied in a kitchen at a recent infestation we attended. Cockroaches can be very difficult to deal with and are best left to a professional pest controller.


If you have a problem with cockroaches call St Georges Pest Control for expert advice.


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