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Looking for reliable and professional Pest control in Southend on Sea? Look no further than our experienced and qualified team at Pest Control Southend. We can provide a range of effective pest control solutions to suit your specific needs and requirements, and will work quickly and efficiently to resolve your pest problem.

We understand that pests can be a nuisance and can cause serious damage to your home or business, so we will work hard to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. We offer a variety of pest control services, including general pest control, Rat and mouse control,  Squirrel Control, Carpet Moths, Wasp nest removal,  and bird proofing. We also offer a variety of commercial pest control services, including food premises pest control, warehouse pest control, and office pest control.

We use the latest pest control technology and equipment to resolve your pest issue, and all of our work is carried out to the highest standards. We also offer a 24 hour emergency pest control service, so you can rest assured that we will be there to resolve your pest problem as soon as possible. For more information about our pest control services, or to arrange a free pest control survey, please contact us today.


How much is it to get rid of Rats in Southend on Sea?

If you’re wondering how much it costs to get rid of rats in Southend-on-Sea, the answer depends on a few factors. The type of rat, the size of the infestation, and the severity of the infestation all play a role in determining the cost. Generally speaking, however, it will cost between £120 and £280 to get rid of rats in Southend-on-Sea. The most common type of rat in Southend-on-Sea is the brown rat. Brown rats are relatively small, typically weighing between 200 and 500 grams.


rodent control Southend on sea


They are also relatively easy to control, as they are not particularly prolific breeders. A small infestation of brown rats can usually be controlled relatively easily and cheaply. The other common type of rat in Southend-on-Sea is the black rat. Black rats are larger than brown rats, typically weighing between 600 and 800 grams. They are also much more difficult to control, as they are very prolific breeders. A large infestation of black rats can be very costly to control. If you have a rat problem in Southend-on-Sea, the best course of action is to Contact a Pest Control Southend. They will be able to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action.


How much to get rid of Mice in Southend on Sea?

If you’re looking for professional Mice control in Southend on Sea, you may be wondering how much it will cost to get rid of your persistent rodent problem. Fortunately, the cost of professional rat control services is very reasonable, especially when you consider the peace of mind and safety that comes with knowing your home is free of these unwanted pests.

On average, most professional Mice control services in Southend on Sea will charge between £120 and £240 to carry out a full inspection of your property and provide you with a quote for the work required to get rid of your rats. This cost will typically include the price of baits and traps, as well as the cost of labour for the setting and monitoring of these devices. In most cases, it is advisable to hire a professional rat control service to carry out the work required to get rid of your Mice, as they will have the experience and expertise needed to safely and effectively solve your problem.


Mice control southend


However, if you do decide to tackle the problem yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, it is important to remember that rats are very good at hiding, so you will need to be very thorough in your search for them. Secondly, Mice are also very good at chewing through almost anything, so you will need to be sure to seal any holes or cracks that they may be using to gain access to your property. Finally, rats are also attracted to food, so you will need to be careful to clean up any spillages or food scraps that may be attracting them to your home.


More about Ant Control in southend on Sea

Looking for a reliable and experienced company for ant control in Southend on Sea? Look no further than Pest Control Southend. Our team of experts are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of pest control, and can provide a comprehensive service to rid your home or business of ants. We understand the importance of effective Ant control, and will work quickly and efficiently to rid your property of these pests. We will also provide advice on how to prevent ants from returning in the future. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced company for ant control in Southend on Sea, Contact Pest Control Southend today.

Ant Control Southend On Sea



More About Squirrel Control Southend on Sea

Squirrels are a common sight in Southend on Sea, and while they may be cute, they can cause a lot of damage to your property. If you’re having problems with squirrels, there are a few things you can do to control them. First, make sure that all food sources are securely covered. This includes pet food, bird seed, and any other food that might be attractive to squirrels. Next, try to eliminate any potential nesting sites. This means removing any piles of wood or debris, and trimming back any tree branches that are close to your house. If these measures don’t work, you may need to resort to Contacting a professional Pest control company.


Ant Control Southend on Sea

Effective Ant Control Solutions in Southend on Sea: Say Goodbye to Unwanted Intruders!


ant control Southend on sea


We are now well into insect season and the warmer weather has brought an increase in ant activity. The Black Ant or Garden Ant is the cause of most of the problems we get contacted about. They will frequently build nests under patios or foundations and produce small piles of very fine dust or sand as they burrow up to the surface. The pictures show typical damage caused by Black Ants. St George’s Pest Control can offer a range of effective treatments against ants, and if the ants are getting inside your property we offer a summer long guarantee against them returning.

If you’re being bothered by ants, contact St George’s Pest Control for a quick and efficient solution.




ant control Southend on sea


Rat Control Southend on Sea

Effective Rat Control Services in Southend on Sea: Get Rid of Rat Infestations Safely and Swiftly!


rat control southend on sea



Rats are active throughout the year and in the past cold harsh winters were a natural method of keeping their number down. The milder winters of recent times have help rat populations thrive. By far the most common species of rat in Essex is the Brown Rat which has the scientific name of Rattus Norvegicus. By nature the Brown Rat lives underground which is one of the reasons they are found in sewers (one of the other names they are known by is the Sewer Rat).

Brown Rats are very good at digging and will create a complex of underground burrows where they have the chance. The entrances to these burrows are one sure sign that you have rats nearby.

If you have holes around your property that look likes those in the pictures, give St Georges Pest Control a call for professional advice.



rat control southend on sea

Ant Control Southend On Sea

ant control southend on sea


Now the weather is warming up ants are starting to become active. The most common ant species we deal with is the Black Garden Ant. These are highly organised social insects and the foraging worker ants can invade buildings in search of food.

These are from 3 to 5mm in length and are attracted to sweet foodstuffs which they take back to the nest to feed to the larvae and queen. Our standard treatment for ants is to spray around the outside of the property with a long lasting residual insecticide, although depending on the type and severity of the problem other treatments are also used.

All of our treatments for Black Garden Ants come with a summer long guarantee against re-infestation inside the property.


If you have a problem with ants, contact St George’s Pest Control for a free quote.

Rat Problems Essex

rat problems essex



Winter 2021 / 2022 has been an unusually busy year for us for rat problems. Whether it’s due to the mild weather or another cause is hard to say but all of our technicians have reported an increase in rat activity over previous winters. The species of rat we commonly see is the brown rat, and these naturally live underground. For this reason it’s most common for brown rats to enter a property at or below ground level, frequently via faults with the drains. Once inside the building the rats will follow pipework and appear in lofts, under baths and kitchen units.


The pictures are from a recent job where our technician removed the bath panel and found rats droppings under the bath. The most common way rat problems are reported to us is as night-time noises in the loft or wall cavities.


If you are being trouble by unexplained noises coming from the loft or walls, contact St George’s Pest Control for free advice and a quote.



rat problems essex

Rat Control Essex

rat control Essex



Every year when the cold weather starts there is always an increase in calls about mice as they look to find food and shelter inside houses. This year we have been exceptionally busy dealing with calls about mice. Mice only need a gap of 5mm to enter a property. The pictures show a recent job where mice had gained access to a kitchen via a gap around a water drainage pipe.

The cheapest and easiest way to seal gaps around pipework is to use wire wool, which can be pressed into the gap around the pipe using the blade of a screwdriver. Before sealing any gaps though it’s always best to make sure there are no mice inside, as sealing gaps then will simply trap them inside the building.

For this reason if you think you have mice in your property its always best to have them dealt with by a pest control professional, before starting any work to seal entry points. The second picture shows what mouse droppings under a kitchen unit look like.


If you think you might have mice in your property, give St George’s Pest Control a call for free advice and a quote.



rat control Essex

Pigeon Proofing Southend

pigeon proofing southend on sea


Heat pumps are becoming more and more common and when they are fitted they can create a place for pigeons to roost. As well as being unsightly pigeon droppings can also create a health hazard. The pictures show a recent job where we installed pigeon proofing around the external fittings and pipework of a heat pump.


If you are being bothered by pigeons, call St George’s Pest Control for advice and a free quote.



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Squirrel Control Southend on Sea

Squirrel control southend on sea


Grey squirrels do not carry the same disease risk as rats but they can cause just as much damage. Like all rodents their teeth are incredibly strong and continue to grow throughout their life. They are constantly gnawing to keep their teeth sharp and in good condition. If a squirrel gets into your loft this can lead to a lot of damage to cables and even roof beams. The pictures show squirrel damage we found on a recent job both inside and outside a property.


If you have a problem with squirrels contact St Georges Pest Control for advice and a free quotation.

Wasp control Southend on Sea

wasp nest control Southend on sea


Wasps are thought of as a pest of the summer months, but in mild weather they can still be a problem well into autumn and even early winter. The life cycle of a wasp nest is only around six months, running from spring through to autumn. It’s toward the end of this period that wasps nests that have established themselves in house can become a really nasty problem.


At the end of the life of the nest the young queens that will go onto to create next summers nests hatch out. These young queens need to find a nice warm secure spot to overwinter before starting to build their own nest in spring next year.


The pictures show wasps that have eaten their way through a ceiling to get from a loft into the living area underneath, possibly attracted by the heat coming up from below.


If you find a number of wasps in your house at this time of year it could be you have an undiscovered wasp nest somewhere inside or around your property. Contact St George’s Pest Control for expert advice and a free quote.


wasp nest control Southend on sea



wasp nest control Southend on sea

Rodent Control Southend on Sea

Rodent Control southend



With the onset of autumn we always have an increase of inquiries about rats. In most domestic premises nearly all cases of rat infestations can be traced back to a problem with the drains in the property.

Rats commonly enter the property at or below ground level and then climb through the fabric of the building and find their way into the loft. Rats are mostly nocturnal creatures so often rat problems begin with a report hearing night time noises in the loft.


The pictures show images of rat droppings found in a loft on a recent job. If you are hearing noises in your loft at night, Contact St George’s Pest Control for expert advice.



Rodent Control southend

Moth Control Southend

Moth Control Southend


There are several species of clothes moth that as well as causing damage to clothes can also damage carpets. The moths themselves are harmless, it’s the larvae or caterpillars that cause the problems. Feeding on natural fibres they can create bare patches on woollen carpets, often under areas covered by furniture such as beds or sofas.


The moths are small only being around 7 mm long and are very poor flyers, they are commonly seen crawling or flying just a few centimetres off the floor. One species, known as the case-bearing clothes moth, spins a white silken case around itself, and sightings of these are a tell tale sign of a problem.


If you are noticing damage to your carpets and think you may have a moth problem, contact St Georges Pest Control for advice.



Moth Control Southend

Cockroach Control Essex

Cockroach Control Essex



German cockroaches are a pest of heated buildings and can spread quickly in the right conditions. they are often found in kitchens and heating systems and can carry and spread a number of human diseases as they feed on refuse and then walk across food preparation areas. Cockroaches are one of the species of insects, that like Bedbugs, do not go through a larval stage. This means when they hatch out the young cockroaches look like miniature adults.

As they grow the cockroaches have to shed their skins and German cockroaches will do this between 5 and seven times before they reach adult size, which can take between two and six months. The pictures show an adult and juvenile German cockroach feeding on a cockroach bait applied in a kitchen at a recent infestation we attended. Cockroaches can be very difficult to deal with and are best left to a professional pest controller.


If you have a problem with cockroaches call St Georges Pest Control for expert advice.


Rodent Control Southend on Sea

Rodent Control Southend on Sea



All rodents have very strong teeth that continue to grow throughout their lives. To keep their teeth in good condition they will continually be gnawing at objects, whether it be wood, plastic or even concrete. The picture shows how rats have gnawed through a plastic wheelie bin to get at the contents inside. If you think you might have rats around your property or business, contact St Georges Pest Control.




rodent control southend

Rodent control Southend

rodent control southend

Rats have very strong teeth and can easily gnaw through plastic. The first picture shows how a rat has done just that to gain access to a house through an air-vent.

The second picture shows our solution to prevent such a problem happening again. If you are having problems with rats, give St Georges Pest Southend a call.

rodent control southend

Pigeon problems in Southend on Sea

pigeon problems southend on sea

St Georges Pest Control Southend can provide a range of solutions to prevent pigeons spoiling your property. Late last summer we fitted a pigeon proofing solution to a set of apartments in the Southend area.

Pigeons were roosting and nesting on and around the properties, causing lots of unpleasant mess for the residents to clean up. We fitted netting to the apartment block which successfully prevented the pigeons from returning.

If your property is suffering from a pigeon problem, give St Georges Pest Control a call on 01702 278024 for advice and a free no obligation quote.

Rodent Control Southend On Sea

rodent control Southend on sea

We offer an affordable Rodent Removal Service in Southend On Sea and nearby areas, we are all fully qualified and only use safe products for the eradication of all rodents.

Last week we had a call from a customer in Southend On Sea town centre who had a take away and had noticed droppings on the floor in his kitchen, he called us straight away as he could not afford to have a rodent problem.

When we got there which was about an hour later, his kitchen was clean and there was no food lying around anywhere, somehow they had got in with the off chance that there could be food somewhere. We put down the treatments and called him a week later and said he had not seen any signs of droppings and thanked us, another happy customer.

If you think you could have a rodent problem in Southend On Sea or nearby areas, simply give us a call and we will do our upmost to be with you the same day.


We’ll price your Rodent control for FREE! Simply call 01702 278024

No-obligation, just a straight-forward, no-nonsense survey and quote


Flea Fumigation Southend on Sea

flea control Southend


We recently had a call from a customer who had just moved into a new 2 bedroom flat in Southend On Sea. She was getting bitten in the night around her ankles.

We responded to her call and arrived at the flat to investigate the problem.

It didn’t take us long to confirm it was Fleas. Unknown to the landlord the previous tenant had a cat and it had brought fleas into the Apartment. It had infested the bedroom and the fleas had started breeding under the carpets in the warm. We started a 2 visit treatment program and the flea problem has been sorted. The good news here was the landlord offered to pay to sort the problem out.

We offer end of tenancy flea fumigation so to afford this sort of problem

If you suspect you might have a Flea problem contact us for a No Obligation FREE survey On 01702 278024

Honey Bee Swarming Season In Southend


Honey Bee Swarming Season In Southend


Now is the time of year that Honey Bees are swarming. If you notice a few bees investigating your home in Southend, don’t panic. Before bees swarm they will investigate a large amount of properties to find a new home. Monitor the situation for 4-7 days. In most cases the scouting bees will move on and the swarm won’t actually arrive. The bees need a wall cavity, flat roof or blocked chimney to support the structure of the nest.

Wasp Nest Removal Southend

Wasp Nest Removal Southend

St Georges Pest Control have years of experience in Wasp Nest Treatments and Wasp nest removal in Southend. With a proven system From initial contact to completed removal you can trust us for all you Pest control work. St George’s Pest control are trading standards approved to give you further peace of mind.

To book an Appoitment for a Wasp Nest Removal please click on the book know button below and complete the online booking Form


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