Rat Control Essex

    Every year when the cold weather starts there is always an increase in calls about mice as they look to find food and shelter inside houses. This year we have been exceptionally busy dealing with calls about mice. Mice only need a gap of 5mm to enter a property. The pictures show a […]

Pigeon Proofing Southend

  Heat pumps are becoming more and more common and when they are fitted they can create a place for pigeons to roost. As well as being unsightly pigeon droppings can also create a health hazard. The pictures show a recent job where we installed pigeon proofing around the external fittings and pipework of a […]

Squirrel Control Southend on Sea

  Grey squirrels do not carry the same disease risk as rats but they can cause just as much damage. Like all rodents their teeth are incredibly strong and continue to grow throughout their life. They are constantly gnawing to keep their teeth sharp and in good condition. If a squirrel gets into your loft […]

Wasp control Southend on Sea

  Wasps are thought of as a pest of the summer months, but in mild weather they can still be a problem well into autumn and even early winter. The life cycle of a wasp nest is only around six months, running from spring through to autumn. It’s toward the end of this period that […]

Rodent Control Southend on Sea

    With the onset of autumn we always have an increase of inquiries about rats. In most domestic premises nearly all cases of rat infestations can be traced back to a problem with the drains in the property. Rats commonly enter the property at or below ground level and then climb through the fabric […]

Moth Control Southend

  There are several species of clothes moth that as well as causing damage to clothes can also damage carpets. The moths themselves are harmless, it’s the larvae or caterpillars that cause the problems. Feeding on natural fibres they can create bare patches on woollen carpets, often under areas covered by furniture such as beds […]

Cockroach Control Essex

    German cockroaches are a pest of heated buildings and can spread quickly in the right conditions. they are often found in kitchens and heating systems and can carry and spread a number of human diseases as they feed on refuse and then walk across food preparation areas. Cockroaches are one of the species […]

Rodent Control Southend on Sea

    All rodents have very strong teeth that continue to grow throughout their lives. To keep their teeth in good condition they will continually be gnawing at objects, whether it be wood, plastic or even concrete. The picture shows how rats have gnawed through a plastic wheelie bin to get at the contents inside. […]

Rodent control Southend

Rats have very strong teeth and can easily gnaw through plastic. The first picture shows how a rat has done just that to gain access to a house through an air-vent. The second picture shows our solution to prevent such a problem happening again. If you are having problems with rats, give St Georges Pest […]

Pigeon problems in Southend on Sea

St Georges Pest Control Southend can provide a range of solutions to prevent pigeons spoiling your property. Late last summer we fitted a pigeon proofing solution to a set of apartments in the Southend area. Pigeons were roosting and nesting on and around the properties, causing lots of unpleasant mess for the residents to clean […]