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The Brown Rat

• The Brown Rat is approx 23cms in body length with a thick and scaly tail
• Typically weighing between 150 – 300 grams but can weigh up to 500 grams
• A rat has a blunt nose and small hair covered ears
• Mainly active at night, rats prefer to stay at ground level but can be found in loft areas and wall cavities
• A rat passes up to 40 droppings a day (12mm and tapered at both ends) which are usually concentrated in one area
• Healthy rats can live up to 2 years although the average life span is 1 year
• Rats are capable of carrying and spreading a number of diseases
Evidence of Rats:
Droppings, footprints, smear marks & tail marks, smell & hairs, rat runs & burrows, noises in roof spaces and wall cavities at night.


• Lockable metal bait boxes containing rodenticide baits located in external areas where rodent activity is evident.
• Baits placed deeply into rat burrows and covered over for safety
• Rodenticide baits installed into internal areas ie lofts, basements, riser cupboards, sheds and any areas safe to do so.
• Treatment includes weekly follow up visits until the rat problem has been cleared
• Proofing recommendations to ensure the rat problem does not reoccur
• Dead rodent bodies removed and disposed of through our controlled waste management system.