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The three most common types of moth are the:-
➢ Case Bearing Clothes Moth
➢ Common Clothes Moth
➢ Brown House Moth

• It is the larvae of the moth that is responsible for the damage to textiles such as wool, silk and cotton, typically carpets and clothing.
• A moth infestation can migrate down into the house from loft spaces where there may be an old bird’s nest.
• Carpet damage tends to be hidden underneath items of furniture that is difficult to move when vacuuming, and damage to clothing and woollen blankets that have been soiled with perspiration or food.

To avoid moth problems ensure scrupulous cleaning of all woollens and blankets and store them in sealed polythene bags in closed drawers or cupboards. Clean carpets regularly paying special attention to the edges. Clear out old birds’ nests or pieces of fabric from the loft.


There are several species of moth that may cause damage, we can identify the species and treat with an insecticide spray applied to the affected areas. Regular vacuuming and cleaning under furniture will help alleviate future problems.