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Welcome to Squirrel Control We can help with all your Squirrel Control Problems for both domestic and Commercial customers.Pest Control southend is committed to providing an efficient and dependable Pest Control and prevention service in . We aim to provide a safe working environment for our customers whilst complying with legislative and audit requirements.

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• The Grey Squirrel is predominantly grey with a slight brownish colour, white underside and large bushy tail
• An adult squirrel weighs between 400-600grams and is approx 30-40cms in length
• The grey squirrel is most active during the day time, mainly at dusk and dawn
• Squirrels often enter domestic roof spaces and buildings and cause damage by chewing electrical wires, loft insulation and woodwork.
• The female squirrel has 2 litters of 3 to 4 young each year around March and July. The young leave the nest at 10 weeks old.
• A squirrel’s diet consists of nuts, fruits, berries and tree bark, which it hoards by burying it for later recovery. Their food burying habits can be destructive in your garden by ruining lawns and digging up plants and bulbs.

Our methods of control:

Kania traps in loft spaces and roof voids are the most humane method as it is illegal to catch squirrels in live traps and then release them back into the countryside.

We do not usually recommend removing squirrels from external areas, as with most animals squirrels are territorial. If a squirrel is removed then others will only take over that space.

We would recommend proofing your property to reduce the risk of re-entry of further squirrels.