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St George’s Pest Control Ltd (Pest Control Stanford Le Hope) is a member of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and has several accreditations including CHAS, Construction line, Safe Contractor, CSCS and have been approved by the Essex County Council – Buy with Confidence scheme.

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About Cockroaches
The German Cockroach
• Brown-dark brown, 12 – 17mm long
• Two distinctive stripes on thorax
• Long wings overlapping body (male and female)
• Female carries its egg case (ootheca) until nymphs are ready to hatch
• The ootheca (egg case) can contain up to 35 eggs
• From nymph to maturity in 6 to 12 weeks

The Oriental Cockroach
• Dark brown-black, 20-25mm long
• The male has wings that cover two-thirds of its abdomen
• The female’s wings are underdeveloped
• Female deposits its egg case on packaging and in dark crevice before the nymphs hatch out
• Each egg case (ootheca) contains 16 to 18 eggs
• From nymph to maturity in 6 to 12 months

General preventive measures against cockroach pests include frequent cleaning in the kitchen, keeping all food stored away in sealed containers, using rubbish bins with tight lids, and regular vacuuming. Repair any water leaks such as dripping taps.

Cockroach Treatment:
To treat a cockroach infestation: application of a residual insecticide spray to all kitchen cupboards and units, behind fridges, freezers and other kitchen equipment. Insecticide gel applied to cracks and crevices, gaps in tiles and around pipes etc.

Usually 2 visits will be required, but more treatments may be necessary. For heavy infestations or large premises, such as hospitals, blocks of flats etc, we recommend a pest prevention contract providing regular treatments over a twelve month period.