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 About Moles

•  A mole lives in extensive underground tunneling systems and is rarely seen above ground
•  The Mole is 17cms long and has dark velvety fur
•  Moles tunnel using their large powerful shovel-like front paws; they have very poor eyesight and rely on their acute sense of smell and touch to find        their way around
•  Moles feed on insects, grubs and earthworms. The earthworms are paralyzes with the moles toxic saliva and stored in a special underground ‘larder’   for a later feed
•  Moles cause damage to plant roots and lawns by tunneling through the soil making the ground unstable and the appearance of holes
•  One single mole can be responsible for many mole hills in your garden
•  Moles are typically territorial and will only meet when their tunnels cross boundaries
•  A female mole will have 1 litter in the spring of 3 to 5 young
•  The average life span of a mole is 3 to 5 year

Mole Control:

Our method of mole control is the half barrel or duffus trap. The traps are set discretely underground and followed up regularly until the mole problem has been cleared.
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