Rodent Control Southend on Sea

    All rodents have very strong teeth that continue to grow throughout their lives. To keep their teeth in good condition they will continually be gnawing at objects, whether it be wood, plastic or even concrete. The picture shows how rats have gnawed through a plastic wheelie bin to get at the contents inside. […]

Rodent control Southend

Rats have very strong teeth and can easily gnaw through plastic. The first picture shows how a rat has done just that to gain access to a house through an air-vent. The second picture shows our solution to prevent such a problem happening again. If you are having problems with rats, give St Georges Pest […]

Pigeon problems in Southend on Sea

St Georges Pest Control Southend can provide a range of solutions to prevent pigeons spoiling your property. Late last summer we fitted a pigeon proofing solution to a set of apartments in the Southend area. Pigeons were roosting and nesting on and around the properties, causing lots of unpleasant mess for the residents to clean […]

Rodent Control Southend On Sea

We offer an affordable Rodent Removal Service in Southend On Sea and nearby areas, we are all fully qualified and only use safe products for the eradication of all rodents. Last week we had a call from a customer in Southend On Sea town centre who had a take away and had noticed droppings on […]

Flea Fumigation Southend on Sea

  We recently had a call from a customer who had just moved into a new 2 bedroom flat in Southend On Sea. She was getting bitten in the night around her ankles. We responded to her call and arrived at the flat to investigate the problem. It didn’t take us long to confirm it […]

Honey Bee Swarming Season In Southend

    Now is the time of year that Honey Bees are swarming. If you notice a few bees investigating your home in Southend, don’t panic. Before bees swarm they will investigate a large amount of properties to find a new home. Monitor the situation for 4-7 days. In most cases the scouting bees will […]

Wasp Nest Removal Southend

St Georges Pest Control have years of experience in Wasp Nest Treatments and Wasp nest removal in Southend. With a proven system From initial contact to completed removal you can trust us for all you Pest control work. St George’s Pest control are trading standards approved to give you further peace of mind. To book […]